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Social media is now one of the leading ways we connect and interact every day. Every month in Australia alone, around 15 million people are connecting through Facebook, 5 million are showing off on Instagram, 3 million are networking on LinkedIn and 2.5 million are sharing their thoughts and sentiments on Twitter.

Boosting posts, to targeted advertising using specifically designed sales funnels, remarketing and cold traffic acquisition. Social Media Advertising now compliments PPC efforts and plays more of a pivotal role in any successful digital marketing strategy than ever before.

In short—if you’re not in the social space, you’re missing out big time.

We can put your business in the spotlight.

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to social media advertising, but we can show you a range of options to help you build your social presence and bring new customers to your door.

Whether Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram is your channel of choice, we can introduce you to new customers to generate more leads and conversions.

The real beauty of social media advertising is its ability to target with such accuracy.

Whether your targeting is based on location, age, gender, special interests or even relationship status, social media has the potential to reach that exact market through sponsored messages and paid advertisements.

Your advertisements aren’t limited to banner ads and static content when you use social—you can also experiment with videos and apps which may be more user-friendly and engaging. Because social media marketing is also in its infancy compared to other forms of digital marketing, you can also get it for a bargain price!

We can manage your social media campaign for you, taking care of everything from demographic research, to copywriting, graphic design, bidding, buying and implementation.

We’ll also monitor your campaign closely with lead and conversion tracking to make sure you’re getting noticed and continually review and assess the campaign performance to make any required adjustments to ensure we’re running a highly effective campaign for the lowest possible investment.

Let us unleash the power of social for you.

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