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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or PPC as it is more commonly known is a form of advertising on Search Engines like Google and Bing. SEM/PPC ads are traditionally text, display, banner and video ads. Unlike other forms of advertising, SEM is completely measurable and cost-efficient, making it easier to calculate the return on your investment.

When users type a search query into a search engine it triggers a list of natural (organic) results, along with paid advertisement results at the top of the search results page. The beauty of SEM is that you only pay when the user clicks on either and ad in the search results, a banner ad or a Youtude ad, keeping you in control of your marketing spend, at all times.

PPC is ideal when you need to generate leads and sales quickly, by placing your ad front and centre when a potential customer is actively looking to engage and purchase.

By identifying particular keywords and search terms associated with your business, product or offer, PPC enables us to insert you directly into ready-to-buy customers’ brand consideration set.

Because PPC doesn’t draw a distinction between large-scale market leaders and boutique businesses, it provides an opportunity for smaller players to compete with their well-known larger competitors.

PPC enables us to dictate exactly when & where your ads appear and what you’re willing to spend.

With a wealth of hard data readily available to validate conversion rates and lead volume generation from each campaign, there’s no guess work with PPC. We can tell you exactly how many times your ad appeared, how many people clicked on it and what they did when they reached your site.

PPC is also agile and flexible, with the ability to start, stop or adjust your campaign whenever you want.

PPC allows us to create a highly optimised, cost-effective campaign.

Because we get so much data from PPC campaigns we know exactly what’s working and what’s not, making it easy to identify when it’s worthwhile investing more in areas which are yielding good results or divesting from activities that aren’t generating leads and conversions.

Analytical by nature, we provide ongoing campaign management to continually adjust, tweak and refine your strategy throughout the lifetime of your campaign to find the optimum balance between investment and getting great results.

We’ll manage everything for you from start to finish, from strategy development to implementation and ongoing campaign management.

With a dedicated and nimble team of PPC experts, we’ll ensure we build a strategy aligned to your objectives, ensuring recall and recognition of your brand are strong, and more importantly, delivering a positive return on your investment.

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