Technical Website & SEO Auditing

An accessible site is one which search engines can find and understand all of the relevant and publicly available content. Having an accessible site for both users and crawlers is crucial to enhancing visibility in organic search.

Covering a broad range of both the technical aspects of your website as well as your content, our audits assess everything from metadata, duplication, formatting and internal linking, to error pages, redirects and directives.

As an example, a typical audit could look at:

  • Indexation
  • Errors
  • XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Sub-domains
  • Page design
  • Website security
  • Image optimization
  • Site performance
  • Backlinks and anchors
  • Local business listings
  • Mobile friendliness.

Our digital asset audits provide a practical analysis of your website to help you understand what’s working for you and identify areas where there’s definite potential to improve performance.

Audits are pointless if you don’t know what to do with the findings. To make it easy, our audits provide a clear summary of what we found, recommendations on what you should do to address any issues and an indication of the priority you should assign to addressing each issue.

Our insights are driven by data—we don’t make assumptions about your website. Instead, our recommendations are backed by real data and observations, ensuring we’re dealing with fact rather than fiction when we provide recommendations.

Combining our knowledge of powerful marketing and SEO best-practice with our experience managing digital performance across a range of industry verticals, we’ll provide you with realistic, actionable recommendations likely to yield potent results.

Build the foundations through an SEO audit today.

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